Now that’s something completely different…

So I’ve been watching Michael Palin’s Travels: New Europe, which is really interesting, by the way, as Palin travels around Eastern Europe, much of which I’m finding I knew very little about. Anyway, in episode 6, which is set in Poland, Palin travels up the Ostroda-Elblag canal. Rather than the traditional system of locks, the canal uses an inclined-plane system, where the boats are placed in a carriage that is then towed on rails up a slope between the sections of the canal. I think this is really cool. Like a modern (or semi-modern, since it’s been in operation over a century) iteration of the Vikings carrying their longships over land. Imagine, you’re travelling through the countryside in northern Poland, and you see a ferry ‘sailing’ uphill! We've finally cured seasickness!


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