I’m not sure where I ran across this, probably Facebook but who knows, anyway, it’s a way, as far as I can tell from the article, to cook watermelon like it’s a tuna steak? Now, I’ve had, and love, tuna steak (thankyou Pancake Kitchen – seriously, if you’re in Adelaide, go there, they’re open 24/7), but this sounds intriguingly odd, and possibly amazing.

Apparently you sort of bake the watermelon in sherry and butter, covered in parchment (ie greaseproof, baking) paper and tin foil, and serve drizzle in balsamic vinegar that’s been boiled half away.

The recipie is in an article by The Ravenous Couple and can be found here.
I’d love to hear from someone who has (or will have now or soon) tried something like this. Watermelon’s not in season here, but if I remember this come summer, I will definitely (to her chagrin, I’m sure) be trying it! 



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