Snow Days…

Since it’s Super Bowl Sunday, and we may well have a snowy (or at least rather cold) Super Bowl this year, I thought I’d share a map I came across recently showing how much snow there needs to be to cause school to be cancelled, by county across the ‘States. In Alaska the snow has to be over your head before school is cancelled – here in Texas, it just has to be seen. Some contrast!

U.S. map showing amount of snow needed to cancel school by countyIt actually makes perfect sense, well, to a degree…I’m sure the map roughly corresponds to average snowfall numbers, and hence preparedness. If you’re prepared to keep the roads open and drive safely in 3 feet of snow, you’re more likely to keep school open than in you can’t keep the roads ice-free in the mildest of freezes (pretty much the situation where I’ve lived in Texas).


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