Now watching/listening: Dire Straits LIVE in Wembley 11 June 1988 Nelson Mandela Concert

So I thought I’d let you in on what I’d been listening to this morning, and now and again lately. It’s the concert Dire Straits and Eric Clapton played for Nelson Mandela’s birthday back in 1988. Apparently Dire Straits’ guitarist Jack Sonni was out because he’d just had twins. Mark Knopfler:

“Now, you may have noticed that Jack’s not with me tonight. Because he’s had two lovely babies, two little girls. So Jack, I thought I’d wait for this moment, in front to 600 million people, to congratulate you for that. We’ve had to get a stand in, very sorry about this. Last minute stand-in, tricky little inside left. And, uh, he’s never played at Wembley before, but he’s the best we could do. You know? But he has played before. Eric Clapton.”


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