Keshavan stacks it in the Luge, acts like nothing happened

While trying to find a live feed of the Olympics, I came across this video from the luge. Indian luger Shive Keshavan stacks it, then recovers, at speed. Of course he didn’t qualify because he did lose precious seconds…but I think he totally deserves a wild card to the next round, if he doesn’t make it.

I can’t embed the video here, but link is:

By the way, I’m still searching for a way to watch the Olympics live. I don’t have a pay TV subscription, which apparently is a problem. We don’t have antenna channels either, not that we’ve really missed them before now, but I can’t watch the NBC’s evening Olympics show either. I think it should be free; it was back home, and it was wonderful. It is the Olympics, after all… but anyway. If anyone knows a way, maybe an app I can download to my tablet or something, I’d love to know!


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