New Post – Weekly Link Roundup

Lately I’ve been accumulating links, articles and ideas I’ve wanted to share, but either haven’t had the time to write about them, didn’t have enough to say about them to warrant a full post because I would want to discuss them fully, or simply found them interesting but not interesting enough to share. If I shared everything I liked, thought was worth reading, or found interesting (or I thought would be to someone else, I would be making ten or twenty posts a day with little more than a link. That’s what Facebook likes are for.

However, I do read quite a bit that I would like to share, and in the interest of keeping my blog fuller on content and freer of links and shares, what I’d like to do is start a regular Friday or weekend post featuring articles or other things that I found interesting or enjoyable during the week. Something of a “Links of the week” or “Weekly best of my reading” post. For now as a working title I’m calling it my Weekly Link Roundup.

So far the rough plan is to curate maybe five links, or  possibly groups of links, that I found share-worthy, with a small explanation. For example this week I came across several articles relating to J.K. Rowling and the Harry Potter series, which I’ll group together, but I suppose you’ll see what I mean tomorrow.

This will also allow me to get stuff out there that I’ve been wanting to write about, but haven’t gotten around to yet, so expect to see some links that will appear later in other posts, especially if they attract discussion.


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