The happiest couples…use humour when fighting?!?

Riiiiight…if I use or show humour (and if I look amused, wow) when we’re having an argument…well we’re having a whole lot more argument!

                    Other than that, I more or less agree. I mean, we have a child, and I think we’re closer and happier since he’s been along, albeit tired and busier. I don’t have a degree (despite several years of university…long story of an eternal student, in school or not), and I don’t work because I’m caring for our son. But I’ll agree with (I think) everything else. More sex = happier and more peaceful. I’d add that fighting is important (if we don’t fight we don’t sort out the issue we’re not fighting about, and it doesn’t get resolved) – and fighting ‘well’ is more important. I think we’re still happier, after more than two years, than before we were wed, but a kid definitely throws a strain. I think that we’re closer and happier since he’s been here, in spite of the added exhaustion, stress and reduced freedom (it’s a paradox, I know). Actually, I think it’s been all the tough experiences we’ve been through together, distance, waiting on visas, very different style families, churches and cultures…we’ve had to do the talking during the distance and working through the differences, that we’re the closer and stronger for it. And our faith, mainly God, and His grace. A lot of grace. And then some more.

How do you feel your experience of marriage compares to the graphic?


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