Weekly Link Roundup Feb 2-8

So this is my first weekly link roundup, or dump, whatever you like. Read quite a few interesting articles about Harry Potter this week.

J.K. Rowling questions Ron and Hermione’s relationship
Oh No They Didn’t! – J.K. Rowling tickles the sleeping dragon
I was never the biggest fan of that plotline. I mean i thought it worked, and that it fitted in with the rest of the plot nicely, but when I read it I was rooting for Hermione and Harry to get together, rather than her and Ron.

Thank God for J. K. Rowling | Theology for Real Life
I loved the Harry Potter series, but I didn’t realise Rowling claimed Christ. I wholeheartedly agree with Beuving’s enthusiasm for reading her work.

Why Christians should read Harry Potter | Theology for Real Life
“We simply cannot judge a work based on its subject matter alone. The Bible contains witchcraft, after all. If that’s our sole criteria, then the Bible is out. We have to be more mature in our thinking and ask what the work says about witchcraft, or to phrase it differently, what the work uses witchcraft to say.” – I like how Beuving phrases this. It’s not that Harry necessarily parallels Jesus (as some try to connect it, I think Voldemort more closely resembles Hitler, but that’s for another time) but there are good morals and parallels to reality and the Christian worldview. 

I don’t have the time, but now I really want to read the Harry Potter novels again, even though my copies aren’t in this country. Guess I’ll have to settle for rewatching the films, which I got for $2 apiece last year on Black Friday (how appropriate).


Solar Shingles Made from Common Metals Offer Cheaper Energy Option
New Solar Panels Made with More Common Metals Could Be Cheaper and More Sustainable
I’ve always loved more economical and sustainable ways of producing heat and electricity, so the prospect of much cheaper solar panels is pretty cool. Also, the cheaper to manufacture replace and recycle the panels are, the less worry about longevity, and hence a much greater incentive to invest in them with much lower risk.

American Gods TV series news — and more – Neil Gaiman

Almost anything Gaiman is working on is pretty exciting, so the possibility of a TV series based on American Gods is definitely something to keep an eye on.

The Town That’s Building Life Around Sleep

I remember my most productive study time in highschool and university generally being around 11pm, and I’m still a night night owl even now, so the ideas Bad Kissingen is experimenting with seem pretty cool to me.

Homosexuality Class: Week 1 | Theology for Real Life
 – Preston Sprinkle
Homosexuality Class, Week 2: Sodom, David, Jonathan, Ruth and…Naomi (?)| Theology for Real Life – Preston Sprinkle
Preston Sprinkle is teaching a class at Eternity dealing with the theology of the issues surrounding homosexuality and the Bible, and is posting a summary of the content week by week. He’s currently writing a book on the subject, and you can find his blog series on the topic entitled “Homosexuality  in the Bible” here.

By the way, if any of the links are broken, please let me know! That goes for any post.


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