Pulped Fiction

I love the idea of recycling, but books? No! Maybe if they were those cheap romance novels that thrift stores can’t seem to get rid off, but still, it’s the principle. Better engineered roads are a hood thing though, especially quieter ones, and I’d wager quieter and more durable means a smoother ride, which is better for vehicles too. Maybe shredded old exam papers or obsolete documents would be just as good, without the tragedy?

Today I came across a rather interesting piece of trivia. The surface the M6 toll road near Birmingham is made up of books.

2.5 million books were pulped and used to hold the tarmac in place. This prolongs the life of the road surface, but also helps to reduce road noise. The consistency of the book pulp helps to absorb a lot of the traffic noise of the vehicles passing over it. Since road noise is one of the most annoying noises, both for people in cars and those living near the roads, pulped paper has been used in many high speed roads since 2003.


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