Weekly Link Roundup Feb 9-15

This week’s link roundup is brought to you by Fight Club, because it’s a great film, even if I can’t talk about it.
Don’t Undermine God’s Word by Joe McKeever
I wanted to share this, not only because I agree with most of it, but because when we were searching for a Church last year, we found many pastors not preaching from scripture, and it got kinda annoying.

Myths about Circumcision You Likely Believe
Part 1: Surgery Myths
Part 2: STD/Hygiene myths
Part 3: Social and sexual myths
Part 4: The ethics and economics of circumcision
Part 5: Greatest danger for uncircumcised boys
Part 6: Harming boys through ignorance of male anatomy

Intact or Circumcised: A Significant Difference in the Adult Penis [Caution: Graphic images]
This was an issue for us, since we recently had a son. We didn’t, partly because we’re not Jewish by faith (although relatively common here in the US, circumcision wasn’t very common back home), partly because I had heard around the hospitals where I used to work that any benefits weren’t worth the downsides, but after a little reading, I’m sold on opting out. Read my full thoughts here on Monday.

The Slow Death of Handwriting
As a follow up from my post on Monday, my mother shared this with me (again, for she had shared it with me in 2009) in response. I can’t help but agree – writing is a dying art. My wife always prints when she writes, and she tells me they don’t even teach cursive in schools around here anymore.

What Does the Bible Say About the Man Being the Breadwinner?
This is a discussion I expected to have more often as I transitioned into stay-at-home-dad-hood and my wife into fulltime work after our son was born. And it’s an interesting discussion to have. I would say I lead my home and make sure our needs are met, even if it’s my wife earning the money, and anyone who says a homemaker doesn’t work probably has a slap from someone in their future. Nevertheless, it’s an interesting discussion, as are most when conventions and their wisdom are challenged enough to be put under the microscope and examined thoroughly.

I know I posted about this already (hey, it’s been a bit of a lean week, share-worthy reading-wise), but I want to put the word out again. FutureLearn, a program of Britain’s Open University, are hosting free online university courses, starting around now. There’s quite a few different topics, with something for everyone, and more start later in the year. A chance to open and stretch your mind for maybe an hour or two a week, however you want to structure your time. I highly recommend it.

41 Things You Need To Know Right Now, For No Reason In Particular
This simply made me smile, a lot. And want to google a lot of things.


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