Why There Is No British Joel Osteen

I found this comment very accurate and succinct concerning the difference in culture here in the ‘states (especially Texas) and in the UK/back home in Australia:

Posted October 15, 2012 3:00pm EDT by Nate Claiborne

Somebody asked me recently whether Osteen and Hinn were big in the UK. My answer was simple: no, not at all, nothing like they are here in the USA. Why is that? came the follow-up, to which I replied: They simply wouldn’t work in the UK because the idiom is all wrong; the British do not respond to religious language in the way many Americans do; thus, we have psychobabble self-help gurus, not prosperity preachers. Of course, both preach the same message: prosperity through realizing your own inner potential; but while the British equivalent is obviously secular, the American version has a veneer of orthodox religiosity.

– Carl Trueman, Republocrat, 27


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