Confessions of an open letter

There’s a post by Cheri Lucas Rowlands over at The Daily Post that’s been on my mind for awhile, and I think it’s time to give the open letter idea a go. So here goes.
Dear reader,

I want to be honest with you, dear reader, or prospective reader, and myself, and tell you that I would love to tell you about God and His son Jesus, and all sorts of theological goodies. But that’s not my primary purpose on this blog,  maybe it could or should be, but that wasn’t and isn’t my reason for starting it. I just want to write and dialogue with you about science, culture, food, and obviously books and other cool and fascinating stuff (so, most of reality on one level or another). For me that also includes Jesus, His bride the church, the Bible, theology, the ‘Christian life’ – my/our experience as we try to live what He instructs to us live out where we are as we are, as well as evangelism, the ‘church’ and what it means to be that, whatever it is, the good news that He came to save us, even when we didn’t want to know we needed saving. and the persecution and of and happenings with Christians around the world.I guess what I’m beating about the bush on the way to getting to is that I’d love you to stay and read and chat about glow in the dark cocktails, fantasy novels, history, government, health, boats moving on land, or the latest in particle physics, whatever comes across my all-too-easily distracted mind, without getting turned off by my faith. Skip past when I write about it, I don’t mind.

I can’t promise not to challenge your thinking and expectations though, I mean, that’s a bit of a hobby for me – I love to think and make others do the same, but not just about Jesus, but anything. Conventions aren’t intrinsic or elementary, and the lightbulb didn’t come from trying to make a larger brighter candle with more wax and primacord.
My original vision for this blog also had a degree of detachedness about it. Talking about things I love, yes, but not ‘personal‘ writing. That was then. Since, I’ve been a little inspired by others’ writing poetry and more expressive posts.
I don’t want to lose you.
But I’ve decided that I want to write more personally, at least on occasion.
I’m on a journey,
I struggle,
I’m still working all this out

I’d love you to join me, or ignore my personal ramblings and idealistic kerfuffle. 

But I did establish this blog so that I would write, because apparently I need to write. It helps me think and work things out. And through a number of things, not least coming across and reflecting on Confessions of a Christian who still struggles, which touched a bit of a nerve, I’m wanting to make serious changes in my self and life.
And actually make them, not just talk about them and want to, but actually change, with His help.
Part of that for me is to write and blurt out things as I’m doing now into a notebook.
but other I’ll want to share.

I did consider starting a separate blog for this. But, no.
Partly that’s because I can’t be bothered managing two blogs.
But partly, I don’t feel comfortable with that. I’d feel like I was dividing myself between the two, showing one face to one and another to the other.
And that’s not me.
(well, the rhyme is).

There’s a tension there. And that’s interesting.
It’s the age old tension between secularity and religion. Between the singularity of science and the Genesis creation.
I think much of that is resolvable, but that’s where I find myself living, and now writing.
In the tension between the things of this world, and things not of this world. The things that don’t matter so much and the things that really matter.
And sometimes I love the things that don’t matter so much, more than I should.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m no gnostic-ascetic. God gave us this world to enjoy, and the food, wine, books, footballs, explosions, and ion-engine powered spacecraft within it.

But He must come first.

Let’s talk.

Let’s go on a journey.




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