Housekeeping? No. I have NEWS.

Yesterday marked 52 years since John Glenn orbited the earth, my 52nd blog post, and today is the 52nd day of the year. Coincidence? I think not. In a few months I’ll have been married 52 months, and it’ll be 52 months since I brought Natasha home with me to Australia. To mark that auspicious occasion, we’ll be returning there again.

I am so excited. This will be the first time in three years since I’ve been home. Yes, it’s been awhlie.

I know it will be cool in Perth in the middle of the year. It is supposed to be winter, after all,
(I can’t say cold, because it’s been below freezing here recently, and I remember the single time in Perth that it reached freezing, but not below)
But I can’t wait to hit the beach.
Perth’s beaches are some of the best in the world. But don’t tell anyone. I like them clean and non-crowded.
I really hope it’ll be warm enough for my son to hit the waves for the first time.

It might sound odd that the beach is the first thing that comes to mind about going home.
But it’s weird what you miss – living on and around the water is a little bit ubiquitous in Perth. Even if you don’t actually swim in the ocean very often, you barbecue next to it, walk along it, go to restaurants and coffee shops overlooking it.
You smell it, every afternoon as the breeze comes in.

It’s more than location.
It’s culture 

I can’t wait to see my family either.
But that feeling is a little different than it would have been a decade ago.
Skype, Facebook, cheap international telephony.
By how much have we been apart?

I’ve missed them. But some of us see and speak on a daily and weekly basis.

It’ll be good to be back for awhile, though.

Sunday lunch after church.
Turkish coffee prepared by a Slovak professional topped with Irish cream.
Sometimes hyper-extended in-Christ family.

But one who I loved isn’t there anymore.

So many conflicting emotions.
It’s odd.
Not oppositional, but competing for dominance.

So much that I’m looking forward to seeing again.
So much will have changed.
Some things I’ll want to be the same
And they won’t

My niece and nephew will have grown so much.
One just started school, and they’re both talking.
Who are you and what did you do with those cute little babies?

My parents are older
My dad has an electric guitar
I’ll be tasting their new hobby
Beers and ciders

My friends. Wow.
Some of you have entered university
Some have left

Some have truly grown up
Left home, gotten jobs.
Gotten ‘real’ jobs.
Houses, cars and homes.

You’re adults now.

Most of my highschool group of friends have gotten married since I last saw them.

Some of you have gone off into the world, travelled as missionaries to far away places.
And come back completely changed.

Friends have left churches for new ones
Some found or returned to faith.
The churches I’ll visit will not be those I left
And there will be some missing what was
And excitement at what’s changed.

I’m looking forward to it.
Refreshing, familiar styles of praise and worship that I’ve missed.

Taking buses and trains again.
I can’t wait!
(We don’t really see them here)

The city centre will have changed
The redevelopment should be done.

So many people to catch up with
Just a few short weeks.

I’m looking forward to my old room.
Even if it is sortof a brewery now
I’m okay with that.

Old bookstores – remarkably enough generally cheaper than here.
Work that one out.
My bookshelves. Old loves I have missed.
Selecting the few to bring back with me. Probably mostly for my oldest niece here to read.
Maybe some textbooks, to help Natasha, and so I can remember myself!

Ha. The clothes Natasha wouldn’t let me bring here with me. ❤

Fresh seafood
Real fish and chips.
How I have missed you.

But we’ll still miss Penguin Island.
We’ll have to go again
Maybe Christmas next year
Sunny beaches!




I guess this is a heavily in advance warning that I may go AWOL for a few weeks while we’re away…and while we’re frantically preparing for an international trip with a one year old. I haven’t decided, and probably won’t know until it happens, how regular I’ll be blogging while we’re away.

But we’ll see 🙂

I’m excited!


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