Winter Olympics 2014: Are high-tech suits to blame for As U.S. speed skaters’ struggles? – CBS News

I understand asking the question here, but what I’ve seen in the media and on social media is a lot of people lambasting these high tech suits, and making just about any excuse for the US speed skaters not winning all the medals except that they might simply have been beat.
It’s sadly something I see a lot here. Not everyone, obviously,  but it seems fairly common to expect one’s sports team, even down to the elementary school level, to win. And to not accept anything less.
It’s kinda sad, and takes a lot if fun out of the sport to me. When my son plays sport, it’s to have fun. If it’s all about winning, well, he’s not going to be playing anymore. It can get that serious when he’s older, like an adult, maybe. But if it’s only about winning, at the expense of a love of the sport itself and of competing, then, no.

I mean, sure, I expect Australia to beat America at cricket, if they were to play.  Australia has long been a dominant force in the sport. If the ‘states began to develop a team, and got good, that might be less of an assumption. I’m not always going to expect Australia to win, but I do expect them to be competitive.
That’s what seems to be the difference here, there’s not an hope and satisfaction with America being competitive – it seems to me to be an expectation of success, and ultimate success, with no less than winning acceptable.

And that filters back down in to even small children’s competition. It’s kinda sad.
It lacks sportsmanship.
And it teaches children to lack the same. And that’s not cool.

I have to say I am glad that the team, and some media have come out and said, “no it’s not the suits, it’s us” – because maybe that’s a sign if things changing. But it should be the first reaction, not the response to a blame game, right?


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