Links of the week Feb 16-22

Time for another Weekly link roundup. It’s been quite a week for me.
Quite Possibly the Most Brilliant Thing Ever — A Map of the Internet, Drawn to Scale
He talks about it here, and apparently was inspired by xkcd‘s various maps of the internet and online communities, which were the first thing I thought of when I saw this.


An App That Promises to Get You Out of Parking Tickets
Fun stuff there. Surely this kind of application can be applied to better uses though, like troubleshooting electronics or something?

Confession of a Christian Who Still Struggles
This is wonderful. I can totally identify with a lot of the sentiments. And I know I already blogged it, but it’s lovely.

The Feynman Lectures on Physics
No reason, just sumbled across it. I’d heard of them, never actually encountered them directly.

This Solar Plant Has Been Burning Some Birds To Death
Apparently it’s a real problem.

Amanda Palmer on the Art of Asking and the Shared Dignity of Giving and Receiving
Incidentally, Amanda’s TED Talk was fantastic.

The Shocking Behavior of a Speedy Star 
A star moving at 2.5 million miles per hour? Awesome. Pretty. Great God, eh?
Incidentally, I wonder if those polycyclic hydrocarbons could be harvested? Not that I’d expect them to be useful in the same way as they would now by the time we are able to reach such a space cloud.


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