Another music post – “A Little Longer” by Brian and Jenn Johnson

I’ve been listening to a little more music lately than I had the past few weeks. I first came across this song, well I don’t know how long ago, but it was a few years ago. Since then I’ve pulled it out every now and again, particularly when I feel a bit dry, or want to sing and worship but don’t know what to sing. I like to just turn out all the lights, and let the music wash over me as it calls me to worship and adore. It brings me ‘back’ I guess might be a way to put it.
Anyway, here’s the video:

I love this particular music video too. Very, uh, pretty? I mean, I guess I like it because it manages something I think would be very hard, and that is to somehow capture a little bit of the emotions and thoughts that the song conjures, nicely within the tempo of the song. For me the writing motif might be more evocative than for some people, because I can completely identify with writing those sort of things trying to express my thoughts and feelings. Wouldn’t it be wonderful if you could write in a brainstorm or mindmap style with older bits fading like in the video? I’d love for a notepad or app that would work something like that. I’d definitely use it! Sometimes I write trying to work out or work through what I’m thinking about, and feeling like I fail to capture, but something like this would work much better to capture a train of thought for me to come back to later. And actually understand what I was on about and where I was going…

I guess I often write very introspectively on here – how’s your day going everyone? And where in the world are you? I’d love to get to know some of the people who are reading my natterings 🙂



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