A great rough week

This post was planned to be done last night or earlier this morning, but my son and I have ended up hanging out in the bedroom, where it was already nice and warm with the heater on. He’s enjoying playing in the crib with its bouncy bottom, and on the floor in here which is pretty much free of dangers.

I’ve had a really roughgreat week. That is to say, it has been a pretty tough week: we haven’t been seeping so well, she’s had a challenging time at work, I’ve been challenged, and I’ve been sick. When you’re trying to make good changes in your life, it seems that everything come at once, including distractions, cooking that turns out less successful than you’d hoped, a baby eating and pooping seemingly nonstop, and you’re ill to begin with. So ill, in fact, that son and I took a three hour nap in the recliner yesterday, in the morning, not the afternoon, not in the middle of the day (well, waking up around midday). Now, those that know me, or look at post times on here will know that I don’t sleep that much at night, never mind during the day, and I definitely don’t fall asleep sitting up – so I guess it was needed!

But, but… It has been a great week. I’ve been challenged, and last my focus, but I am learning and growing. Just a few great things from my week:

Monday wasn’t fun for my darling (no, that wasn’t great at all, wait for me to get to the element of great, okay?), so I had something sent to her at work around midday. The dispatcher actually rang me and said it probably wouldn’t make it that day and was that okay, and I asked her to try anyway. I prayed it would get there before school finished…and it was there around 2:15-2:30pm!

Next, I was down at Mardel’s and found Shane Claiborne’s book Jesus for President on sale for $5 – right now I’m enjoying reading his Irresistible Revolution, so I picked it up. Then I wasn’t finding much else, so I was going to go, but for some reason hung around with the feeling that there must be something else for me, and lo and behold I find the same book in the bargain section (which I’d already looked through a couple of times) for $3.


Tuesday I had a rough day, napped a couple of hours in the morning, and generally feeling pretty rough, found it hard to drag myself out of bed! I wound up (finally – it’s been a long while getting around to it) going to the liquor store, and found a new rum that I liked.

Wednesday and yesterday – to be honest I don’t remember much of Wednesday, apart from my son eating and pooping a while lot. He had been going twosies about once a day, regular, which was convenient, but now he’s eating a whole lot more than last week – I think he’s going through a growth spurt. I do remember some good reading and prayer times, and enjoying watching Terry Pratchett’s Hogfather.
Actually, I also found that my niece is halfway through the second novel of John Marsden’s Tomorrow series, The Dead of the Night, which I’ve been lending her one at a time. I love it that I can share books with her that I’ve enjoyed, that she is also enjoying.

Overall I’ve ben really blessed by some of the comments and interaction I’ve had on here, from hearing from people at YWAM in my home city of Perth, to a blogger offering to buy me a copy of Jason Bethke‘s new book Jesus > Religion! I really am very blessed.

Yesterday was also my best day ever for views and likes on here, and this week is shaping up to see more activity than last week – which is amazing – I would never have expected God to bless this as He has. 🙂

I’m not sure what the rest of today will hold. My lovely wants pizza for dinner, so I don’t need to cook, and apart from some general tidying and the dishes, I don’t have much to get done around the house today. I may go out for a coffee or visit the bookstore, as it promises to be eighty-plus degrees today (it’s been cooler here lately). Or I may say in and attempt to catch up on some reading/guitar playing/Netflix watching.

It promises to be a good day!

And this is my 70th post! Wow those milestones happen fast.


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