Question Everything

A friend and I were talking about this last night. I think it’s important to be able to question our own beliefs and theology – if our beliefs are correct, we’ll find them as such. If we hold them against His Word and find them incorrect (or possibly more often, skewed somewhat), then we find necessary correction that we would not otherwise find were we not willing to question our beloved truths in the first place.

I had an experience with this the other day, something I was reading prompted me to wonder if angels had wings at all, something in the vast majority of depictions of angels, and definitely in most of my mental images, except maybe the men who visited Lot in Genesis. So I actually looked through references to angels in the Bible, and sure enough, no wings. You have seraphim with six wings, and cherubim with four, but of angels none are mentioned with wings.
And so my belief (yes something minor but it belies the point) was altered because I was willing question it and expose it to examination. If we’re not willing to do this then our understanding of what we’re not willing to question will never change, never become deeper or more nuanced, we’ll never discover new facets of life, of Jesus, of God’s grace, the resurrection, salvation. If we don’t question our automatic distaste for foreign or new foods, we’ll never discover new oral pleasures. Alas ofr our natural unwillingness to question!


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