Links of the week Feb 23-March 1

NASA Photo Shows North Korea Kept in the Dark at Night
This photo is pretty incredible. Not that electricity and lights (or light pollution) are always awesome, but it reminds me of how blessed we are in the west, and of persecuted believers (and non-believers) there who suffer not just because of their faith, but materially.

2CELLOS – Smells Like Teen Spirit
I posted a song by this duet earlier in the week, but then my friend replied to that by suggesting I listen to this song, which I hadn’t heard before either. I’m sure my brother’s family would love that they are Croatian and Slovenian.
Reminds me of some of the stuff KISS were doing a few years ago, live concerts with a full orchestra. Fast forward an hour or so in to see a full orchestra in KISS makeup. It’s spectacular, and the integration of the orchestra musically is pretty epic as well.

This modular wall unit holds an entire kitchen
This is pretty cool.

How to Heat Your Home Using Aluminum Cans
I actually read about this a few years ago. It’s pretty cool. Back home we had a solar hot water system with a similar principle, the water tank pretty much sits in the sun and gets hot – hey, solar hot water.

Going to Mars via Fusion Power? Could Be
The whole idea of fusion power is so enticing  that it’s no wonder it’s captured the attention, and life’s-work of many physicists for decades now. I remember Charles Seife’s book Sun in a Bottle, it was pretty interesting. How (relatively) simple fission reactors and bombs were for us to perfect, and how much more complex fusion reactors have turned out to be.

Conservative Christians Selectively Apply Biblical Teachings in the Same-Sex Marriage Debate

 Thoughts on Kirsten Powers, Grace, Ghettos, & Conscience
I wasn’t going to write much about this debate here, but then I did write more than I wanted to put in a links post, so here’s a summary of my thoughtsMy perspective on this debate has been shaped greatly by Preston Sprinkle’s discussion of homosexuality and the bible in a series on Eternity Bible College‘s Faculty Blog.


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