John Piper talking about A.D.D. (Attention Deficit Disorder).

In a recent podcast, John Piper answered the question “Is A.D.D. a sin?”

I particularly like Piper’s working definition of A.D.D. as “a brain configuration that presents unusual challenges because of a combination of deficient focus and hyper-focus” – when I heard that my response was “Yes! That’s me, that’s exactly what it is!”

Ask Pastor John – Is A.D.D. a Sin? (Episode 282)

I also appeeciated his acknowledgment of A.D.D. as physiological (at keast in cause, if not all symptoms), rather than entirely spiritual/demonic, or ‘put on’/made up, as some teach.

I definitely suffer from what Piper says about struggling to take aboard helpful advice. I’m not so sure it’s always directly because of pride, sometimes for me it’s more that I don’t think the suggestions are workable for me – and of course sometimes that’s reasonable because of experience, sometimes that’s stubbornness and pig-headedness on my part. Meaning pride. But one does get tired of the “write it down, make a list, then you’ll remember because you’ll look at the list” variety of advice. One writes the list.  One forgets to look at it. One gets distracted.That’s kinda part of tue problem. If it was conscious, one could do something about it much easier. Like Neville in Harry Potter with his rememberall “the trouble is, I can’t remember what I’ve forgotten” – except I don’t realise there’s something I’m forgetting.


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