It’s all Greek to me, except where it’s Hebrew

Came across an article by Joey Dodson “Ain’t No Testament Like the Greek Old Testament Cause the Greek Old Testament Rocks” about the Septuagint (the Greek version of the Old Testament), which is about the oldest text of the Old Testament that we have. It’s interesting. Particularly so when we consider that many Bibles (including the KJV) are based on a much younger text, the Masoretic Text, which although it is in Hebrew, dates to around thd year 1000 A.D. Compare this with the Septuagint, dating from 2-300 years before Jesus, and quoted by Him in the New Testament.

I’m not arguing for one over the other, nor for a particular English translation, I just find it interesting. I think we should take both into consideration when translating (see the comments on the article). Like Sprinkle comments “I think we need to at least allow for the LXX representing the original inspired Hebrew text over against the MT” especially where it agrees with thd Dead Sea Scrolls, for example, over the Masoretic Text (MT).
I might do some reading in the English translations of the Septuagint, comparing it to the KJV (or more likely NKJV for me) version of the Psalms,  like Dodson writes about.


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