Two Historical Myths – Two Historical Revisions: Part 1

I enjoyed reading this. It’s good to see one of the more interesting eras of European history starting to escape its “Dark” and wasted reputation. Also good to see thoughtful Christian historical scholarship 🙂

I also found this other article, also from Bible on Tap very worth the read: The Myth of the “Dark Ages” – Discovering Christian Heritage

Bible on Tap

Myth Number OneImage

For centuries it has been commonly held that after the fall of Rome came the “Dark Ages” -many centuries of ignorance and superstition imposed across Europe by Christianity.

“a dark, dismal patch, a sort of dull and dirty chunk of some ten centuries, wedged between the shinning days of the golden Greeks… and the brilliant galaxy of light given out jointly by those twin luminaries, the Renaissance and the Reformation.”-Anne Fremantle

Also Voltaire (1694-1778) described the long era as when “barbarism, superstition, and ignorance covered the face of the world”. These same sentiments were carried on by Edward Gibbon, and Rousseau. Likewise popular historian Bertrand Russell (1872-1970) agreed that “it is not inappropriate to call these centuries dark, especially if they are set against what came before and what came after.”

The term Renaissance and Enlightenment often appear simultaneously, at times along with the word…

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