What Needs To Be Said About Sex.

‘It’ does need to be talked about.

The Misfit Missionary

Sex is awkward to talk about.
It’s avoided at all costs in the Church and among people in general.

But let’s be real…
It needs to be talked about.

It’s secretive…
It’s shameful…
It’s a sin against our own bodies.

I’m not talking about just full blown intercourse…
I’m talking about anything sexual.

I feel like we find comfort in the actual definition of “virginity.”
We think that if we haven’t really really had sex that we’re still “pure” and a “virgin.”

Purity isn’t just of the body, but also of the heart and mind.

Culture tells us that sex satisfies.
That it’s glamorous and fun.
That it’s not a big deal waking up the next day and moving on with your life.

All of that is wrong.
Outside of the covenant of marriage, sex leaves you empty.
You become one with that person.
And when it doesn’t work…

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