Since We All Preach Something…

“Since we all preach something, shouldn’t we, who believe the gospel, all preach the gospel.

Let’s unpack that statement. We all preach something.” – JT Cochran

Cochran unpacks some pretty poignant and possibly hard hitting truths in this article. We all preach something, believer or not. Miley Cyrus doesn’t seem to think clothes in public are for every day. Sarah Palin thinks a working knowledge of geography is unnecessary. The full bookshelves and books in piles around my home testify that I think books are awesome, and their condition and the bookmarks in them suggest that I think they should be read, not just ornaments. My son thinks fingers taste good and that you should taste his fingers too.

Here’s a link to Cochran’s article:

Since We All Preach Something…


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