Links of the week March 2-8


 Here’s the post I am finally getting to. Congratulations to the happy couple!


The audacious rescue plan that might have saved space shuttle Columbia – The untold story of the rescue mission that could have been NASA’s finest hour
It would have been something special had this gone ahead. Might have inspired a few folks and even saved NASA’s manned program. Or at least spun off a great movie.

What Would Jesus Make of “Passion” (Conferences)? Guest Blog by Austin Fischer

Austin Fischer’s Response to Critics of His Post about “Passion”
I wrote about this. I still can’t deny the impact of camps and conferences in my personal life, but we have to be wary of what we attach our relationship and experience of God to, lest we create idols for ourselves, or rituals that He did not instigate.


Love Jesus But Struggling With Church? Let God Sneak Up on You and Restore You to His Church – by Sarah Bessey
In Which Jesus Offers Financial Independence That No One Wants :: a guest post by Ed Cyzewski – Sarah Bessey
Sarah Bessey’s blog is definitely worth the look over. Some good thoughts.

Ain’t No Testament Like the Greek Old Testament Cause the Greek Old Testament Rocks
Like Sprinkle comments “I think we need to at least allow for the LXX representing the original inspired Hebrew text over against the MT” especially where if agrees with thd Dead Sea Scrolls, for example, over the Masoretic Text (MT).


20 Little Ways To Make Your Marriage Even Stronger
This is great advice.



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