To follow up on my post last night (and I’ve been meaning to do this for awhile), here’s a summary of my favourite online comics. The first three I read every day (or every day they post), and I’m also adding one that no longer posts, one that is finished (and published), and one that I’d forgotten about and will soon be reading through the archives of, because there are far more than there were before. As well as two honourable mentions, because they are both awesome.


The first is Questionable Content, by Jeff Jacques. The original, and still my favourite. It has been lovely to watch Jeff’s art and storytelling develop over, gosh, a decade now. I first encountered most of these comics back in 2005, and Jeff links to most of them on his comic’s front page, so maybe he’s responsible? But maybe it’s just his fans, who are friends of mine.

Roughly set around Martin, an indie guy who works at a library, and his anthro-PC robot Pintsize, as well as the coffee shop he frequents, and it’s employees. Generally, although not exactly always, safe for work. Certainly cleaner than the MTV movie awards, and definitely funnier. This is my soap opera in lieu of my not really watching television.


Next is Dumbing of Age, which I’ve only relatively recently been following, but it’s okay so far, even if I’m not always keen on how us Christians are portrayed (but, well, we’re like that sometimes, some of us, so who’s to complain? It’s nice to have these issues engaged with outside of ugly debate). “Dumbing of Age is a webcomic about college freshmen in a co-ed dorm at Indiana University, starring a Christian homeschooled girl and her atheist best friend.” – says it’s creator. Dave Willis, who claims one of the main characters is autobiographical. There is also a girl who is secretly a crime fighting superhero. Fun.


xkcd, updating three times a week, the webcomic, if I may be so bold, for science, math, map, data, and miscellaneous types of nerds everywhere. It has a name rare among four letter strings of letters, that is phonetically unpronounceable, by intention, need one say more? Randall also has a post called what-if published each Tuesday answering strange science questions with even wackier answers. And explosions, if possible. But I already wrote about this, and his upcoming book, so we shall say no more.
Well worth your time reading archives, or browsing at random.


Bunny is a wonderfully random and wistful comic. A bit of everything subject-wise, generally featuring a bunny. No longer updating (as far as I can see), I’m not sure why. If you’ve some time on your hands, you could always hit random and see if it takes your fancy.


Bite Me, by Dylan Meconis – my favourite graphic novel. Vampires, a barmaid with attitude, the French Revolution. Need one say more? I own this, and I bought the spoon (read the comic for that joke). If you’re into history, you will probably enjoy this. Unless you adore Twilight, in which case, well, Real Vampires Don’t Fricking Sparkle.

Also by Dylan Meconis, and sporadically (or regularly, but I haven’t been following, so I’m not sure), is Family Man:

Now, I started reading this, before the update schedule slowed, stopped, started, etc. I can’t remember precisely what it’s about, except for a setting in Germany during the 18th century, with Luther Levy, a faith-questioning student-cum-professor in theology in a university and the librarian who he forms some sort of relationship with. And his views are not exactly popular. When I stopped reading Family Man it was stalled in page numbers around the eighties, but now is in the three hundreds, so I shall be reading through it soon. As I can’t give you a much better summary, here’s Meconis’ introduction.


Now for two honourable mentions:

The first is
Instant Classic. Lovely artsy humour from the world of film, art and critics. Wonderfully absurd. Stopped updating for awhile, then got a bit odd for my taste, or maybe I just lost where it was and where it was going. Start here for some fun.

The second, and more highly favoured is artist Linda Foote. She charcoaled my avatar, and for all I remember introduced me to half these comics. Send her some love. Hire her!


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