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I’ve had a few, or more than a few, ideas about what to write about this morning. Looking through my notes (I use Evernote, it’s pretty useful, if you like that sort of thing, I just wish it had an ‘archive’ function) and incomplete drafts on here, there’s quite a lot of things I’d like to or I’ve thought about writing on at some point, and not yet got around to it.

I’ll list a few with some explanation in a minute, but first I’m wondering what you’d like to hear my thoughts or read about? I’m going to make a poll (because that sounds like fun and I’ve not done one before), but I’d much rather comments 🙂

Star Trek – I loved the original cast of the Star Trek films, never really watched any of the series, but the other night watched Generations on Netflix, and enjoyed it enough to watch the others (except Insurrection, which I found on YouTube, and will probably watch this evening).

Raising Steam – released tomorrow, which means I either get it tomorrow or Thursday depending on how Amazon does things. I’m very excited. It’ll probably put most of the rest of my reading on hold, and I’ll certainly be posting a review.

There are a lot of novels, especially young adult novels such as John Marsden’s Tomorrow series, that I’d like to discuss “at some point” and add to my Suggested Reading page. I will get around to populating that page at some point, I promise.

Sahara and Clive Cussler’s writing – I can’t remember whether it was the film Sahara that put me onto Cussler’s novels, or the other way around. Either way I greatly enjoy both. Particularly Cussler’s novels starring Dirk Pitt. 

Alcohol and theology – to difference in theology and practice related to alcohol between the European/Australian and American church community is quite remarkable, given our distance from Prohibition and other such cultural circumstances that might lead to a distinct bias against alcohol consumption. I’ll be having a Guinness with dinner, so clearly I believe this topic deserves from attention. 

I’m still working through The King’s Fifth. Slowly. I might do better if I read one book at a time! But I look forward to writing about that. I can see where the inspiration for the Mysterious Cities of Gold came from in it, but it’s not exactly like the novel M*A*S*H by Richard Hooker and the film and TV series M*A*S*H and M*A*S*H.

M*A*S*H -Speaking of M*A*S*H. I love it! I’ve been meaning to write about it at some point also.

Global persecution – of Christians, but of people and faith groups in general is a subject dear to my heart. Particularly in N. Korea at the moment, and countries like Malaysia who are becoming more hostile to Christianity and other faiths. 


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