Complaint. And thanks!

Now, I don’t mind when people don’t comment on my posts. Don’t get me wrong, I’d love to hear what they think, and I’d love to hear it on WordPress rather than Facebook, but seeing views and assuming people are reading is enough for me.

What kinda gets to me though, is when I actively ask for comments, design a poll to make it easy to non-committally and anonymously give feedback, and noone uses it or comments. Kinda irks me.

Secondly, WordPress keeps using <div> tags instead of <p> or <br> tags, and when I preview there’s no space between my paragraphs, and I have to fight for the editor to give me the spacing that I’d like. It’s annoying.


On the flipside – Constant Streams… passed 100 followers last night. Thankyou! You are encouraging.



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