Une problem. Where is the rum gone?

Okay, so I keep my rum in the freezer, because I like it on ice. When I looked In the freezer this morning, I noticed the bottle of rum was slushy, with ice in the bottle. I’ve never seen this before, and the gin I have in there isn’t freezing.

Now this particular rum, Largo Bay is 35% alcohol (70 proof) whereas the gin is 40% (80 proof), but I’ve never had an issue with liquors that are 37% alcohol (75 proof?), and that’s a pretty small difference – could it change the freezing point of the liquid that much? I mean, I’m sure it could but the thing is that I’ve never observed any clumping or slushiness in liquors with just 2% more alcohol than the Largo Bay. I’d expect to see something start to happen in those if I’m seeing a more or less completely slushy (not solid) bottle at 35%.

What the?

Any ideas?


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