“Christianese”: Not Suitable for Small Group

Mmmm so true! Place we’re at uses abunch of interesting language. I get it most of the time, but it could be more straightforward. I think often, especially whrn it comes to the practical applications of theology, we might find it better for us if we spell things out. Keeps me from being vague and talky rather than walky.


Every group tends to have their own terms and language that only “insiders” understand. For proof, here’s a link to 31 military phrases only people in the military will understand. Or 22 phrases that only wall streeters will understand.  Christians are no different. I grew up around church and church people and it wasn’t until I was in college that I realized half the things Christians talk about make no sense to people who aren’t Christian. (In reality, half the things Christians say don’t even make sense to themselves.)

“Christianese”: N. 1. Any word or phrase you use to sound more “spiritual” in a situation. (I feel led to…, I’m praying about…, I’m feeling really convicted about…, It’ll be great to fellowship tonight…) 2. Any overly-complicted theological phrase that only Christians understand. (accept Jesus as your Savior, saved by the blood of the lamb, gospel, and…

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