Ruth Wilson is rapidly becoming one of my favourite writers. Every piece of hers I read seems to ooze truth, Jesus, brokenness, and sheer humanity? She inspires me. She has a wonderful way of cutting to the core of things, issues, feelings, sin, and being brutally honest about them, yet not wallowing, but confessing,  looking forward to redemption, and looking upward to Him.

From HOPE ON BANGLA ROAD by Ruth Wilson:

As time has gone on…
I see myself in all of these.
It’s as if I see the hope of Christ and I know he’s there and waiting
But my current chains are way more enticing.

My current sins that I’m stuck in are way more comfortable than the hope of freedom.
I will look over at hope for a minute…
and turn away from it because it’s just not enticing enough.
The idea of not struggling and being captive of something seems nearly impossible.

I am just as captivated as these girls.
no, I am not daily raped and threatened and beaten…
I have led a blessed life for sure…
But when it all boils down to it… I’m a hot mess in desperate need of a Savior.
A Savior that I just so happen to deny more than I accept.
I run away from the One who breathed me into being because my chains are way too comfortable.
Yet, he pursues me.
He pursues me every single moment of every single day…
Just as he does the pimps and prostitutes and lady boys.
I am just like them.
He loves us, because he loves us, because he loves us
and he won’t stop pursuing us…
Rest in that.


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