Bathtime small group

I took a bath this morning. It was.


I look at two hairs, the light one from my head floating on the surface, indented in the surface of the water slightly and irregularly along it’s length, and a thicker hair rotating seemingly randomly a bit under the surface of the water. I can’t help but marvel at a creator who made things so complex and yet so regulated. We still can’t model these things in small detail with any great accuracy, it’s actually one of the bigger problems in engineering/physics. But He created it, knows it intimately, every molecule and Newton of force. It seems complex and messy, but at the same time so elegant and beautiful.

It reminds me of city groups (what our church calls small groups). We haven’t been in this town, or at the City Church long, and I yearn for relationship and community. I can’t say our experience thus far has been stellar or amazing. We’ve met some nice people, but haven’t really connected on an especially deep level (partly my fault, lacking in effort and intentionality). At the same time, the groups have been changing, splitting and combining, multiple times in less than a year since we first visited the Rooted. Which then combined with the City Church. It’ld be nice if things were less dynamic, more uniform and predictable (at least for my finite mind), but isn’t that the nature of the creation that we live in?

A couple of nights ago we went to the group our current one is joining with. Everyone seemed nice. Crazy, but in a good way. We were made to feel welcome, and several people tried to engage me in conversation. I say tried because I confess I wasn’t so personable. We were both were rather tired, and my wife did not have the best day. Our son stayed in with the adults, and because he likes to be noisy and active, one of us kinda had to leave and walk him about and whatnot. What I loved was a message the next day expressing thanks for our coming, a desire to get to know us more, and the offer of a playpen or blanket in the garage where the adults hung out (their impressive number of kids were in the house) to maybe help us be more engaged if we desired for him to be in with us. I’m grateful.

I also met two people (check it!) who actually knew where my home city in Australia was. It’s about (literally) as far as you can get from Texas or Sydney (the only place in Australia most people here have heard of), and people who have heard or it are rare here, those who know where it is, fewer still. This excited me!

And back to my dirty bathwater. I don’t understand community and relationships very well, just as I don’t understand fluid dynamics in the bath. But it’s all a beautiful mess that He has created and that He oversees. And I’m reminded that like understanding the dynamics going on in that bath, community and deeper relationships aren’t going to happen instantly or necessarily quickly at all. It’s going to take time, effort, and even then, it’s going to seem messy and flawed. It’s not going to be perfect. We’re not going to be perfect in this life. Thank God we don’t have to be, because He is, and it glorifies Him to enter our messiness and work within it, for His glory alone.

And that’s why I’m so hopeful for this newly combined group. Because my hope is in Him, rather than His people.







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