Enter title here, tags and categories down there. Comments please.

I’ve spent some time this morning polishing some old posts, adding tags, and adding more commentary to things that I’ve reblogged. Apparently about one in six of my posts were untagged and labelled Uncategorised – hopefully that link will be defunct soon. I’ve also seen that since I’ve had less time to write lately, and less opportunity to sit on my laptop and type (let’s face it, extended writing doesn’t happen for me on a tablet), I’ve gotten a bit lazy with adding commentary to things I repost from other blogs. Which has always been my intention – although I’ll occasionally repost something that’s really cool, like an implanted plastic skull, a funny image, or an article, particularly something humorous) that simply doesn’t bear much commentary.

So maybe, and I do hope I’ll get to more, over the coming days or weeks, I’ll re-share some things that I reblogged without much commentary, that I’ve now had time to go think about some more. Because although I want to share cool, interesting, funny, helpful things, I also want this blog to be something that I’ve written, not merely a collection of others’ work that I’ve shared.

Hmm, also need to update my Recommended Read and Suggested Reading pages. I’m pretty close to finishing a few books, so maybe some reviews to come.


I’ve actually got a series of posts either sitting in draft form waiting to be finished, or simply waiting in the recesses of my mind to be written, when I’ve got the time and the muse. I’m working on a series about alcohol, which, since I posted the first post on a Friday, might end up being a Friday series. We’ll see how we go this week with writing.

And now for more writing/muse images. Just because.





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