Blog Roundup

I know I said I wasn’t going to do a links post this week, but looking through some of the ideas I’d written down, I’d thought of linking you up with some of my favourite blogs around the place. Some are inspirational, some are simply entertaining, some dig through some gritty cultural and theological issues admirably, and some I simply enjoy reading, for whatever reason. Others, I’ll be honest, are people who I want to send traffic to, because I love them. But I wouldn’t do that if I didn’t think they were worth reading/supporting. 🙂

Eternity Bible College Faculty Blog
Eternity Bible College Student Blog

Bible on Tap – Jesse Evans posts some great stuff about the Bible, theology, culture, history, philosophy and epistemology, and sometimes several at onece.

Ruth Wilson’s blog
…and WordPress blog: The Misfit Missionary – this girl is inspiring.

Chapter TK

In the Shadow of His Wings

Intoxicated by Science – the biology behind a crazy night – interesting stuff. Plus alcohol, and science.

Hack A Day – Hack A Day has loads of fun stuff.

Girl on the Contrary

Her Life, His Commission

The Tattooed Missionary

The Culture Monk – currently touring coffee houses around the globe and “drinking in the culture.”

Deconstructing Myths

Church is Messy – and that’s a good thing

Marturo | Theology, Scripture, Apologetics – Nate Claiborne’s blog. Nate often has something pertinent and insightful to say.


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