Ginger loveliness

…in lieu of last Friday’s post on alcohol and theology:

Ginger goodness

A few weeks (months?) back I bought some ginger, and we lost it. Couldn’t find it anywhere. Last week I found it!

…turns out it was in the freezer, still in it’s bag. Must have ended up in there with some of the frozen stuff.

Note: Don’t store ginger in a plastic bag or airtight container – it grows mould.
Note: Don’t freeze ginger: it goes rather mushy and soggy when you defrost it.

Instead of chucking it out, I tried an experiment. I enjoy ginger and chai teas, which is why we originally started buying ginger, so I thought, why not try to make a ginger-water or ginger-syrup?

So I chopped up the soggy ginger and tossed it into a pot of water, with as a much of the juice/moisture I could get in there with it. I then boiled it, and added some sugar to the boiling water, let it cool, and put it into the fridge.

I haven’t yet made tea with it, I’ve been enjoying the ‘ginger syrup’ I made very much, with either rum or brandy (Edit: or scotch), over ice. It has a lovely cloudy swirling quality. And is very refreshing on a hot day.
If you don’t like a strong ginger flavour, I’ve tried half and half apple juice and ginger syrup too, it’s good 🙂

Now, ‘they’ say ginger is rather healthy, or ;healthful,’ right? And this drink certainly helped with my headache yesterday,
so, health drink? 😀

I haven’t tried this with fresh non-frozen ginger, but will be soon.


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