Orphans and Widows in the Age of iPods: Outreach and Culture

Good thoughts. Lots of things we (as the church) could/should/ought to be doing, but without love (as Paul says) it’s kinda pointless.

Her Life, His Commission

In the days of the early church, Christians looked after the orphans and the widows. Most of the rest of society couldn’t be bothered. There was nothing to be gained by caring for the very old and the very young. They generally couldn’t earn. They didn’t own property. They were seen as weak, sometimes ill, and unless they were closely related, people felt no obligation to help. Not so the Christians. Christ’s message taught us to love people, serve each other, and take care of our neighbours, values that became central to the message of early Christians. Followers of Christ had a love for others that seemed to make no sense in a world where life was short and cruel.

Continuing past the apostolic era, the Church of Christ has a long history as a transmitter of social justice. Many, if not most, of the social agencies that are commonplace…

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