Disney Clarifies the Fate of the “Star Wars Expanded Universe”

What do you think of this? I’m still kinda worried.
The prequel trilogy were rather disappointing, but ignoring dozens of what were rather good books (the ones that I read, snywsy). I, Jedi (Star Wars) in particular potentially being influential to the upcoming films, in my mind. And that mind matters, to me. I think it might for many fans of the novels also. One of the cool things of the Star Wars universe was that it WAS one universe, consistent across media, different authors, even into video games, as compared to some of the big Marvel characters’ universes.
That said, Disney has done okay by me in the recent Marvel films, especially The Avengers – so hopefully the new Star Wars films will be entertaining, and satisfying as films, at least to those only familiar with the earlier films. Some of us for whom the story is one long saga across films, books, games, and TV series’ might be a little confused for awhile.

I wonder if Joss Whedon is a fan…I would love to see a Whedon-Abrams collaboration.


So it looks as though the longstanding Star Wars Expanded Universe has officially been put to rest. Disney released a statement earlier stressing the significance that the EU posed for fans of the series, but the importance to create a more unified and singular universe going forward. I saw this coming at the offset of the Disney buyout, but alas didn’t want it to be true. There are so many good stories to mine from. But below you’ll notice that discarding the EU as a whole isn’t going to be the case either. And along with the announcement that the series is officially no longer canon, they address the books will now remain in print or digital format to buy under a new banner. They also shared a short video on how the team chosen to unify the new universe was/is inspired by earlier comics or novels from the SWEU…

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