Shane has some good points

I’m (still) making, or wading, my way through Shane Claiborne’s The Irresistible Revolution: Living as an Ordinary Radical, and it’s very paradigm challenging, even when you read it over many months. Searching for one of the resources he mentions in the book, I came across this interview: Shane Claiborne – Fundamentalism I think he makes some rather pertinent pounts, no?



  1. Hey David. Its been a while since I have seen you posting. I was on your page today and saw the Shane Claiborne video here. I was so rocked as a young person when I read this book. It instantly became a personal favorite as well as one of the only books i had actually fully read as a young Christian of about 18 years old. I lived every day of my childhood in a fundamentalist home. My Dad who I love so much is and has been a pastor of a pretty traditional baptist church. I was frustrated as a young man with parts of that upbringing. I connected so much with Shane’s book and cared forward much of the same attitude. I’m reminded in watching the video you posted here of the way in which i think it is essential for us as Christians to carry ourselves. The public eye is on Christians waiting to see the kind of hypocrisy and hate really that is felt rather then love from those who call themselves Christ followers. I consider myself to be someone who stands behind the fundamentals of Christian ethics and morality. But I am very interested in being a Christian who like Shane chooses to turn the discussion towards love for sinners when given the opportunity to reflect Christ to those who after all lack real Love in their life. Hey man, I look forward to seeing your posts again.

    1. Yeah, I’ve had to go on hiatus a bit these past few months. Getting time in front of a keyboard with a little climber who wants in on it stopped being as easy as it was before he was walking and climbing. I’m hoping to find more people nearby who also desire to live in that manner.

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