Why Obstacles Matter

Chris Horst, one of the authors of Mission Drift, has some good thought in his Monthly Musings this month, about how challenges, and struggling/working to overcome them, are important to our growth and development. Isn’t this also

how God trains, teaches, disciplines us?

My wife teaches upper school mathematics, and I think she’s seeing some of the results of not allowing children to fail, or have put much effort into learning anything. Some (not all, to be fair on those who are not this way) cannot seem to think for themselves, use Google to find something not given to them directly, cannot use a textbook, and (seem to) expect everything to be spoonfed directly to them, from information to pencils (what, I need to come prepared for class every day?) to grades.

Here’s Chris’ post:
Why Obstacles Matter

I see the same trend, at times in myself, in believers. Wanting food spoonfed to us, rather than consuming bread ourselves direct from the Word, unable/unwilling to step out and try obeying scripture without guarantees it will work out favourably for us in this life. Rarely do we hear “I’m not sure where to head next or how to live out this scripture, but it seems to suggest I do this, so I’m going to do that and pray for Him to guide me as I go.” I heard someone relate this anecdote: “A man said to me ‘If I do this, it will only be out of obedience.’ I replied ‘So?’ ”

Isn’t that how it should be with us?

I want to live, and raise my son to live, in such a way that he tries to love others, obey and serve God, in faith, not knowing the outcome beforehand. If this means he lets a fellow student use his pen, and the child steals it, or he is friendly and generous to a bully, and gets hit, okay. I mean, God told us we would have trouble if we follow Him, and that we should rejoice when we get to suffer as a result of obeying Him. I think if we learnt that, and to expect that at times, from a young age, we would both be much more mature disciples, and be waaay better equipped to live and follow Him in this world.

It seems to me that, as well as being more solid followers of Christ, people with tested and strengthened character are going to be much better at living in this world than some of the current generation.

I mean, life’s only gonna get harder for us, right?


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