Why Obstacles Matter

Chris Horst, one of the authors of Mission Drift, has some good thought in his Monthly Musings this month, about how challenges, and struggling/working to overcome them, are important to our growth and development. Isn’t this also


You and Me Forever – free audiobook download from

You and Me Forever  - free audiobook download from until Feb 12thFound this pleasent surprise in my inbox this morning: are giving away the mp3 audiobook of Francis and Lisa Chan’s book You and Me Forever: Marriage in the Light of Eternity. All they ask is an email address and signup to their newsletter.

Links of the week March 30 – April 5

Well here we are with another Weekly Link Roundup. It’s been a crazy week, folks. I’ve been sick, I managed to get the second instalment of my series on alcohol out on time, and my son sorta kinda took what we’re claiming as a tentative first step (because the next one will probably be behind our backs sneaking somewhere he shouldn’t be).

Monty Python to disband…


Ruth Wilson is rapidly becoming one of my favourite writers. Every piece of hers I read seems to ooze truth, Jesus, brokenness, and sheer humanity? She inspires me. She has a wonderful way of cutting to the core of things, issues, feelings, sin, and being brutally honest about them, yet not wallowing, but confessing,  looking forward to redemption, and looking upward to Him.

From HOPE ON BANGLA ROAD by Ruth Wilson:

As time has gone on…
I see myself in all of these.
It’s as if I see the hope of Christ and I know he’s there and waiting
But my current chains are way more enticing…