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You and Me Forever  - free audiobook download from until Feb 12thFound this pleasent surprise in my inbox this morning: are giving away the mp3 audiobook of Francis and Lisa Chan’s book You and Me Forever: Marriage in the Light of Eternity. All they ask is an email address and signup to their newsletter.


Reblog – Rage Against the Minivan: The inconvenient truth about your Halloween chocolate and forced child labor

I haven’t been writing lately, more about that another time…but I came across this article by Kristen over at Rage Against the Minivan about child labour, slavery and chocolate:

Rage Against the Minivan – The inconvenient truth about your Halloween chocolate and forced child labor

Now, frankly, I have no idea where to start in actively responding to this issue, but ceasing or curtailing chocolate consumption supplied by slavery and child labour might be a place to start?

Links of the week March 30 – April 5

Well here we are with another Weekly Link Roundup. It’s been a crazy week, folks. I’ve been sick, I managed to get the second instalment of my series on alcohol out on time, and my son sorta kinda took what we’re claiming as a tentative first step (because the next one will probably be behind our backs sneaking somewhere he shouldn’t be).

Monty Python to disband…

Pluaralism & Sexual Orientations: A Moral Roller Coaster Ride

1) We should treat people well. 2) We should treat people well no matter what their sexual orientation is…wait that was number 1.
Love everyone. Judge those within the church, ie those claiming Christ. Love all and call all to repentance.

Isn’t that what the Bible teaches?
Following Jesus’ example, He had much harsher words for the ‘religious folks’ than for ‘sinners,’ if one might put use those terms, and He loved by spending time with those beloved, not with condemnation from afar..

Bible on Tap

bilde The past week we have been on a post-modern moral roller coaster ride.

World Vision recently embraced new policies that honor same sex relationships within their organization only to reverse their decision days later for the sake of the poor across the globe. My wife and I are regular supporters of the organization and we are happy to learn that the donations will continue coming in for all the good work WV is doing across the globe.

I wish to weigh in on this in such a way that may provoke thought and discussion over the nature of human morality. Obviously in our pluralist culture we may wish to say that we should treat people well no matter what their sexual orientation is. That is culturally, the correct answer. To answer otherwise would make for ones self, many new enemies.

On the other hand are the religiously devout immoral in…

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Who is ministering to them?

Preston has a great point.

When Matt graduated, he landed an internship position at his church back home. However, he felt that it was only right to tell his pastor that he was only attracted to guys and that he would probably never marry a woman. His pastor was surprisingly gracious and understanding, even though he hadn’t encountered anyone in his church with this “issue” in more than 20 years. (Which makes me wonder: who was ministering to the same-sex attracted people in the church all these years? If not their pastor, was it Oprah? Ellen? Pastors: we’ve got to create safe space to walk with those who experience same sex attraction in our churches; “they” are “us” whether you know it or not.)

Homosexuality Class – Week 6: An Evening with Matt Jones | Theology for Real Life

Links of the week Feb 23-March 1

NASA Photo Shows North Korea Kept in the Dark at Night
This photo is pretty incredible. Not that electricity and lights (or light pollution) are always awesome, but it reminds me of how blessed we are in the west, and of persecuted believers (and non-believers) there who suffer not just because of their faith, but materially.


I love my wife, but am somewhat irritated by today: The obligatory St Valentine’s Day post

St Valentine’s day has oft annoyed me. For starters, it’s Saint Valentine’s day, but noone seems to remember this. That’s just a pet peeve, I know, but it gets to me every year, for some reason. We don’t forget a month later that St Patrick was a saint. Admittedly, little is known about the original Valentinus, except that several people with the name were martyred, and his feast day was fixed as Feb 14th on the Anglican, Lutheran, and used to be in the Catholic calendars, with the Eastern Orthodox Church celebrating the feast later in the year. Interestingly, the Catholic Church removed it from the calendar because little was known about him, and presumably the lack of spiritual meaning associated with the feast’s modern celebration. The day was first associated with romantic love by Chaucer in the middle ages, and the modern celebration with cards etc dates only back to the 18th and 19th centuries, where one can see the seeds of the first ridiculously commercialised holiday in America. Even with the purported purpose, I think we often miss the point. Men feel under obligation and pressure (so the expression of love is less natural and more forced), women can feel entitled or wind up disappointed from possibly unrealistic expectations, for some the day is just a depressing reminder, and others are just trying to get laid.

But don’t mark me as too much of a cynic, not just yet.  (more…)