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The Planck length. Teeny tiny, and huge. Explained
Rather timely and wise words for Christians in this culturally turbulent time. We should try and be Biblical, and not fight so much.
This kinda excites me. Not sure how far I trust Facebook with security and such, but low cost, low hassle, money transfers to and from my family overseas through Facebook is something I could potentially be really excited about. Here brother, spend this on my neice for her birthday, because we yet again haven’t managed to mail anything in time, it’s still sitting on the mantlepiece.

Meet Kepler-186f, the most ‘Earth-like’ planet ever found
‘m a science nerd. The idea of settling on another planet as 21st (or 22nd) century pioneers is a romantic notion I don’t know if I’ll ever let go of, even if I’m pretty sure it’ll never happen on anywhere more distant than Earth’s moon. So, finding planets that might support humans about as well as our Earth is pretty cool.

John Piper linked me to this film about job, told in poetry in artwork. It looks interesting!
I was yet again late this week. Finding it harder to make unsleepy time to write. *le sigh* lol


Assuming this is true (and I have no reason to believe it is not)…it’s a real shame! There really was plenty of room to fill in the Biblical account with some drama. Some futurist stuff, and vegetarianism makes sense (although why Able would raise sheep and not eat them, I don’t know, but I can work with it). I could even go with a relatively minor role for God in the film, such as an initial communication with Noah, and establishing the rainbow sign at the end. But what this movie comes out with is kinda bat**** crazy, if you’ll excuse my Klatchian, to the point of removing the central themes found in the Biblical account completely. I’d still err on the side of giving the film a watch, to be able to discuss it, but I have to say I’m definitely waiting for it to come to me on DVD or something. Honestly, given the reported abject terribleness of this adaptation, I may be watching it more for Emma Watson’s acting than for anything else.


Gravely disappointed.


Sidenote – I had linked through to Phil Cooke’s article about Why I’m Recommending Christians See the Movie Noah – now I’m questioning his motives, or whether he had really seen the film. I mean I still understand his point about seeing it and using it as a point to discuss…but according to the reviews I’ve seen since the film’s release, I’m at pains to understand how Cooke could underemphasise the non-Biblical elements in the film.


Do you remember when you were a kid and you had to read a book for school and then create a presentation in front of the class. There was always that one kid who refused to read the book but he’d still have an elaborate project in an attempt to impress for a grade and the rest of the class would have to sit through it? You know the feeling of looking forward to something for a while, knowing it has extreme potential, but it just falls flat, and a sinking sensation fills your guts? Everyone has at some point or another said “it’s just not as good as the book,” in reference to a movie adaption, am I right? Well all these scenarios apply to Darren Aronofsky’s Noah. If this film were graded on accuracy to the source text, it’d get a hard F.

The thing is, there is…

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Links of the Week March 16-22

A bit late this week, again, but better late than never. I’ve been a bit busy reading Raising Steam, and visiting friends today. Here’s our weekly link roundup, including a free book:


I haven’t seen this yet, and I don’t know if I will. However, I more or less agree with Cooke. I posted about this here but Cooke makes some very valid points.


Old New Trek

Now I’ve finished watching, here’s what I think…

When I get into a book or movie series, well, I tend to consume it. Right now it’s midnight, and although I am about to pause my second film of the evening, First Contact, and go to bed, I’m realising that I’m going to be watching a few more movies in the next few days…

Noah. Or, why I really don’t enjoy ‘Christian’ movies.


I haven’t seen this film yet, and I don’t know if I will (I doubt I’ll see it in cinemas). However, I more or less agree with Cooke. I’d far prefer to watch this (or Inglorious Basterds, for that matter) than watch Fireproof or Left Behind again. “Christian” movies, to my taste, tend to have horrible dialogue, subpar acting, and stories, or ways of telling stories, that simply don’t entertain me. Which for me is the purpose of a movie.

Speaking as someone who writes and who studied and loves theatre and film – I’d be embarrassed to be a part of a lot of the films produced by the Christian community, if I can term it thus. They’re simply not up to the professional production standard, in writing, directing, photography, acting, lighting, that I desire when I see a movie. And they manage this despite larger budgets than quite a few more amateur films I’ve enjoyed. I think that’s because they want to be polished and ‘Hollywood’ without the necessary budget, but that’s another story.

I don’t want to knock the people who make these films – believe me, you’re a needed voice. I just can’t help but not be entertained by your films, as a rule. And if I don’t enjoy them, someone with no affection for Jesus in the first place probably isn’t going to enjoy them. Fireproof had a great message. Agreed, hands down. I’m glad I watched it with my wife, as painful as the dialogue was to endure. But as a sermon or documentary/devotional/informational film, it could have been better tailored to those ends. The earlier Veggitales episodes (I haven’t seen the later ones, but I understand they’re less on-point) did a great job of this.

I think this is part of the issue…

Options? Poll

I’ve had a few, or more than a few, ideas about what to write about this morning. Looking through my notes (I use Evernote, it’s pretty useful, if you like that sort of thing, I just wish it had an ‘archive’ function) and incomplete drafts on here, there’s quite a lot of things I’d like to or I’ve thought about writing on at some point, and not yet got around to it.

I’ll list a few with some explanation in a minute, but first I’m wondering what you’d like to hear my thoughts or read about? I’m going to make a poll (because that sounds like fun and I’ve not done one before), but I’d much rather comments 🙂