Kashmir by elementary kids…Music teachers, take note!

I haven’t linked to Nate Claiborne in awhile, but his music blog for this Monday delighted me. It’s a video of a group of children aged 7-12 years playing a cover of Led Zeppelin’s Kashmir almost exclusively on percussion instruments such as xylophones and glockenspiels.More music teachers should do this!


Links of the week April 27-May 3


And it’s time for another Weekly Link Roundup:
My Immortal – Lindsey Stirling
I linked to this artist earlier in the week, but I thought I’d share some move love. For those of you who love intricate string work, rock violins, The Phantom of the Opera, Nightwish, Evanescence, The Red Paintings…this is a girl we might want to keep an eye on. I wouldn’t mind getting ahold of her album at some point. My son likes her youtube videos. 


Before We Rush to Judge Donald Sterling by Doug Main
It kind of goes without saying for some people to give others the benefit of the doubt and examine themselves before condemning too harshly, and for others to criticise very harshly while not necessarily living out very well the alternative to what they’re being critical of. That said, the ethnic makeup of the man’s basketball team makes his comments look pretty silly.


The Least-Sung Song by Tim Challes
Some interesting thoughts. The verse in Colossians talking about singing does refer to singing to one another rather than just to God. That thought might affect some of my preferences in worship songs. I tend to prefer songs whose lyrics focus on my speaking directly to God, in contrast to those phrased in a manner talking about God with the ‘audience’ being other people, those more ‘declarational’ songs.


Untidy beds may keep us healthy – Failing to make your bed in the morning may actually help keep you healthy, scientists believe.
And teenagers (and adults) everywhere said “see, I told you, no point!” Then again:
Benefits of making your bed


Critique of “The Shack” – A Christian Theologian’s Perspective by Patrick Zukeran
I never read this novel past the first few pages, although it came highly recommended. This article does a good job of summarising the positive aspects of the text and the troubling criticisms laid against it, which seem to be confusing or problematic at best and outright heresy at worst. What troubles me most is how freely recommended the novel was without warning of the issues it presents, especially to those without a strong Biblical foundation.

Now listening – Phantom of the Opera – Lindsey Stirling

For those of you who love intricate string work, rock violins, The Phantom of the Opera, Nightwish, The Red Paintings…this is a girl we might want to keep an eye on. This week I worked through what she has on Youtube, and I think we have a new mainstay for my regular lineup.
I guess the fact that in this video the costumes (that cloak!), choreography and sets are wonderful, and she’s playing one of my favourite pieces. 🙂
Now if only to engineer a collaboration between Lindsey Stirling and 2Cellos

Hacked Turntable Plays a Tree’s Rings Instead of Records

I agree with the comments…would be nice to have the grooves etched and played through a regular record player rather than the image fed through a midi…still pretty cool. And the music generated sounds like an actual composition!

Links of the week Feb 23-March 1

NASA Photo Shows North Korea Kept in the Dark at Night
This photo is pretty incredible. Not that electricity and lights (or light pollution) are always awesome, but it reminds me of how blessed we are in the west, and of persecuted believers (and non-believers) there who suffer not just because of their faith, but materially.


2CELLOS – Thunderstruck

For those who haven’t heard of 2CELLOS – go do spend some time listening to their stuff on Youtube. I have to say my favourite is still Smooth Criminal, the first track of theirs I was exposed to. Can you imagine coming across these guys busking or something?!

Now watching/listening: Dire Straits LIVE in Wembley 11 June 1988 Nelson Mandela Concert

So I thought I’d let you in on what I’d been listening to this morning, and now and again lately. It’s the concert Dire Straits and Eric Clapton played for Nelson Mandela’s birthday back in 1988. Apparently Dire Straits’ guitarist Jack Sonni was out because he’d just had twins. Mark Knopfler:

“Now, you may have noticed that Jack’s not with me tonight. Because he’s had two lovely babies, two little girls. So Jack, I thought I’d wait for this moment, in front to 600 million people, to congratulate you for that. We’ve had to get a stand in, very sorry about this. Last minute stand-in, tricky little inside left. And, uh, he’s never played at Wembley before, but he’s the best we could do. You know? But he has played before. Eric Clapton.”