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The One Ring Explained. (Lord of the Rings Mythology Part 2) – YouTube

Loved this 🙂


Now listening – Phantom of the Opera – Lindsey Stirling

For those of you who love intricate string work, rock violins, The Phantom of the Opera, Nightwish, The Red Paintings…this is a girl we might want to keep an eye on. This week I worked through what she has on Youtube, and I think we have a new mainstay for my regular lineup.
I guess the fact that in this video the costumes (that cloak!), choreography and sets are wonderful, and she’s playing one of my favourite pieces. 🙂
Now if only to engineer a collaboration between Lindsey Stirling and 2Cellos

Dumb Things

I was watching Look Who’s Talking with John Travolta. Haven’t seen it before, my wife put it on. Liking it so far 🙂
Anyway, part of the soundtrack reminded me of The Cat Empire‘s cover of Paul Kelly’s “Dumb Things”:

Claiborne and Greer talk “The Good Samaritan”

So I came upon this CNN blog post through a link from Is God a Communist or a Capitalist?

Apparently Shane Claiborne (author of The Irresistible Revolution, which I wrote about the other day, and co-founder of The Simple Way) and Peter Greer (president of HOPE International and author of Mission Drift) had a discussion at an AEI event about “the  Biblical parable of the Good Samaritan and the problem of providing immediate relief for compounding and overwhelming needs but still being able to make the transition to sustainable development.”

I love what Peter Greer says (and his sense of humour here) at the start of the highlight video:

What would it look like if the parable of the Good Samaritan were were happening today in Washington DC?

Links of the week Feb 23-March 1

NASA Photo Shows North Korea Kept in the Dark at Night
This photo is pretty incredible. Not that electricity and lights (or light pollution) are always awesome, but it reminds me of how blessed we are in the west, and of persecuted believers (and non-believers) there who suffer not just because of their faith, but materially.


Mr Teatime, you have actually applied yourself to study of ways of killing Death?

Teatime: Only as a hobby, sir.

Searched Netflix for The Hogfather. It wasn’t there. Much sadness.
Buffy was one to the ‘similar titles’ though, guess I’ll have to stick with that.

Got to season three or four last time, maybe I’ll finish it eventually?

2CELLOS – Thunderstruck

For those who haven’t heard of 2CELLOS – go do spend some time listening to their stuff on Youtube. I have to say my favourite is still Smooth Criminal, the first track of theirs I was exposed to. Can you imagine coming across these guys busking or something?!