Dear Post-Evangelicals

Here is a post from Red Letter Christians. I don’t know if I can claim to come from “Evangelical” circles the way people talk about the term here in the states, but I very much resonate with the pull to leave, if not the mainstream church, then many of its expressions, practices “laws” behind. I’m looking towards more of a lifestyle and community than a social club, where the ‘work’ – or at least its focus – takes place in streets and homes, hearts and families, more than in a central dedicated building.

Anyway,  here’s the post. It takes the form of an open letter.


Links of the week April 13-19

The Planck length. Teeny tiny, and huge. Explained
Rather timely and wise words for Christians in this culturally turbulent time. We should try and be Biblical, and not fight so much.
This kinda excites me. Not sure how far I trust Facebook with security and such, but low cost, low hassle, money transfers to and from my family overseas through Facebook is something I could potentially be really excited about. Here brother, spend this on my neice for her birthday, because we yet again haven’t managed to mail anything in time, it’s still sitting on the mantlepiece.

Meet Kepler-186f, the most ‘Earth-like’ planet ever found
‘m a science nerd. The idea of settling on another planet as 21st (or 22nd) century pioneers is a romantic notion I don’t know if I’ll ever let go of, even if I’m pretty sure it’ll never happen on anywhere more distant than Earth’s moon. So, finding planets that might support humans about as well as our Earth is pretty cool.

John Piper linked me to this film about job, told in poetry in artwork. It looks interesting!
I was yet again late this week. Finding it harder to make unsleepy time to write. *le sigh* lol

OMG: Millennials abandoning the Bible – No, really?

So I read a an article recently about the results from some data collected by the American Bible Society over the last four years.

OMG: Millennials abandoning the Bible

Among the results are a definite decline in the esteem of the Bible by millennials:

“– Although 79 percent of adults believe the Bible is sacred literature, only 64 percent of millennials do.
– 19 percent of millennials believe no literature is sacred, compared to just 13 percent of all adults.
– Exactly half of adults overall believe the Bible “contains everything a person needs to know to live a meaningful life,” but that number is just 35 percent for millennials.
– Half of adults believe the Bible has too little influence in society, but only 30 percent of millennials agree.
– 39 percent of millennials never read the Bible outside of church, compared to 26 percent of all adults.

The survey also found that since 2011, antagonism toward the Bible has risen from 11 percent to 19 percent and those who consider themselves “Bible-friendly” dropped from 45 percent to 37 percent.”

Now that’s concerning, but I think not totally unexpected, or terrible.