From Idealization to Reality: The Church as a Body



The church is the body of Christ, not as a metaphor, but in reality. –Dietrich Bonhoeffer

I used to have high hopes for the church. Idealistic even. But a curious thing happened to me on the way to idealizing the church. I spent some time in it. And I became jaded. I suspect in this I am not alone.

The picture that is forming of my two-and-a-half decades of time spent with the people of God spread throughout Northern California, Southern California, the Deep South and the Great Northwest looks more like twisted burning wreckage than anything else. The wreckage has been largely relational in nature. The logical center of my soul has been pleading with me for years now to give up the ghost.

Who has the emotional reserves to stay invested in a community with so much capacity for harm? Who in their right mind would give themselves…

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Spring Break

Schedule and availability: Unknown.

Yes it’s Spring Break. That means family time and irregular errands and fun and things. Might affect my writing opportunities.

We’ll see.

I have some reading to get to anyway, before Raising Steam arrives and takes over. I am nearly finished Fight! and The Irresistible Revolution. I also have a review e-copy of The Normans: From Raiders to Kings which is proving quite interesting, and may or may not merit a full review here.

Have a good week everyone 🙂
And stay out of at least as much trouble as I would 😉

Francis Chan: Why Small Group Discipleship is Important

I’ve been thinking a lot about “the church” lately, and how we relate to eachother, those who don’t believe, and how we live our lives. I think ‘real’ informal relationships are vital, as well as more formal ‘small group’ structures. In reading about “The church as a family,” I was linked to this audio which I’m now listening to and it’s pretty interesting too.


Francis’ video here, however, is rather inciteful –

Snow day = family day :)

Exactly 1000 views right now! Wow!

I don’t know if there’ll be much of a post today. It’s a snow day so teachers are at home with their husbands and children 🙂
Very cold…, feels like 0°F outside, supposedly. I was going to go for a swim on Saturday!

Happy Monday everyone.