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You and Me Forever – free audiobook download from

You and Me Forever  - free audiobook download from until Feb 12thFound this pleasent surprise in my inbox this morning: are giving away the mp3 audiobook of Francis and Lisa Chan’s book You and Me Forever: Marriage in the Light of Eternity. All they ask is an email address and signup to their newsletter.


Some sermon inspiration

Very aware that I haven’t been writing much lately – a dead heat between lack of mood/muse and lack of opportunity really…  I was listening to a sermon as I was doing dishes and bottles this evening, and I thought I’d share a couple of sermons that have shaped or impacted some of my thinking and outlook towards this life and how we live within it.  (more…)

New Francis Chan Interview


Note from the editor:  This blog post was originally published  here  on the Christian Leadership Alliance  blog on March 7, 2014.


APic.Chan_-225x253CLA President, Tami Heim, recently interviewed Francis Chan, who will be a keynote speaker at the 2014 CLA National Conference in Dallas (April 14-16, 2014).

Chan is the best-selling author of books includingCrazy LoveForgotten God, and Erasing Hell, as well as the host of the BASIC.series (Who is God & We Are Church). He has also written children’s books: Halfway HerbertThe Big Red Tractor and the Little Village, and Ronnie Wilson’s Gift.

Currently, Chan is working on a church planting movement in inner city San Francisco. Recently, he joined with Pastor David Platt to co-author a new book Multiply: Disciples Making Disciples (David C Cook, 2012), and to launch a nationwide discipleship movement called Multiply ( Chan…

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Francis Chan: Why Small Group Discipleship is Important

I’ve been thinking a lot about “the church” lately, and how we relate to eachother, those who don’t believe, and how we live our lives. I think ‘real’ informal relationships are vital, as well as more formal ‘small group’ structures. In reading about “The church as a family,” I was linked to this audio which I’m now listening to and it’s pretty interesting too.


Francis’ video here, however, is rather inciteful –

A response to a worthy and caring critique of Passion Conference

I’ve loved the first couple of sermons I’ve listened to from this year’s Passion conference. Then I came across these two articles:

What Would Jesus Make of “Passion” (Conferences)? Guest Blog by Austin Fischer

Austin Fischer’s Response to Critics of His Post about “Passion”

My thoughts are, well…firstly I hear Fischer’s heart in writing, and I don’t think he’s trying to tear down, and I applaud him for it. He acknowledges that Giglio and crew are aware of these issues and the problems with such a large, impactful and influential conference, and desire to minimise them. Critique, of ourselves and others is necessary, even while a spirit dominated by criticism is not.